JustChange Ideas into ActionIt’s much more than $1000

There are just so many reasons why we put our own money to support initiatives in Ottawa.

Yes, there is the mission of accelerating great ideas that provide positive environmental, social, and/or economic outcomes which sounds just so great. But there is something else that motivates me. Most of our grantees are dreamers and change makers that take a huge risk on trying to make their idea happen. Many people that we give grants to have expressed gratitude for not the money itself – because a $1000 can only get you so far – but for the acknowledgement and the pat on the back.

There is a saying that I like keep in mind: “It’s not an idea until you make it happen.” Without making it happen, your idea is completely worthless. You can have thousands of great ideas in your head, but it’s all meaningless until you do something about it.

Making an idea happen a.k.a. being an entrepreneur (whether social or not) is hard by itself. It’s time spent thinking whether your idea is good enough, whether it will garner any support, whether you are good enough to make it happen. It’s a life of passion and dedication, but also a life filled with doubt.

What motivates me to be a part of JustChange is that we are able to encourage our grantees to keep on going with the little money that we can offer them and to let them know that they are not wasting their time making it happen. And I only hope that they know that getting a grant means that 12 people that are a part of JustChange believe in what they’re doing, and that they are doing something right.

JustChange looks forward to announcing its sixth $1000 grant winner in the next coming weeks.