Free Event at Carleton University on February 25th 2016 at 2:00pm!

What’s New in Philanthropy? Giving Circles, Social Investment and Engaged Millennials

Philanthropy is being reinvented in a variety of ways.  Giving circles are creating new collective approaches. Social investment, with expectations of financial as well as social returns, may be attracting new contributors – or detracting from traditional giving. The Millennial generation is actively engaged but in quite different ways and with different motivations than their parents. Explore these issues with:

Angela Eikenberry, Professor, University of Nebraska Omaha, author ofGiving Circles

Daniel Tisch, Founding Partner, Social Venture Partners

Brian Toller, President, Tolcor Investments; Board member, Community Foundations of Canada

Angela Dzinas, Alterna Savings

Jesse Cressman-Dickinson, Read Guernsey, Mitchell Kutney & KasiaPolanska, JustChange