“Much of the food we consume is shipped thousands of miles away and dependent on an unsustainable petroleum-based system, which in the long term damages the environment, food security, local economies and ultimately, human lives.” – Madeleine Maltby, founder of Britannia Backyard Edibles


In an effort to address some of the challenges with Canada’s relationship to food, JustChange Ottawa is pleased to announce support for Britannia Backyard Edibles, a new initiative in Ottawa that grows and supplies local/organic fresh market vegetables through “Community Supported Agriculture.”

The initiative will operate in a sustainable manner by using low carbon farming practices to provide a food source within the community.

Brittania Backyard Edibles relies on residential sub-acre plots to turn backyards into productive food gardens that help provide more access to much-needed locally grown vegetables. This backyard urban farming model provides a gateway for new methods of food production that brings the farm into an urban landscape and closer to the market.

I believe that change starts at the community level. Britannia Backyard Edibles will not only provide a healthy and sustainable food source to neighbourhoods within Ottawa, but also helps to create a sense of community around food and connect residents to natural food systems, local economies and each other. – Madeleine Maltby

JustChange Ottawa’s grant will contribute towards various start-up materials and equipment for the first season of Britannia Backyard Edibles, including a drip irrigation systems for the first five plots and season extension materials, such as row cover and galvanized metal hoops for creating low tunnels.

On April 9th at 5:30pm-7:30pm, JustChange Ottawa will be celebrating #JustDrinks with Madeleine Maltby and her new initiative, Britannia Backyard Edibles at Bread By Us (accessible venue and extended hours of operation) at 1065 Wellington St. West. You can register for free here.

Brittania Backyard Edibles can be reached on both Facebook and Twitter.