Because who said giving couldn’t be fun?

“While we would have been able to progress to the same goals, we would have moved at a much slower pace without JustChange” ~David

“The JustChange award made a huge difference for us… it gave us the confidence to really do it.” ~Joan

“What I found remarkable about JustChange was the after-grant support; after the grant decision… one of the JustChange board members reached out to have coffee with us and helped us trouble shoot areas where we felt hugely challenged. This was huge. They didn’t put any pressure on us to succeed perfectly, was very understanding and offered concrete solutions from their own experience that we have been able to action.” ~Amanda

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“The other was the credibility that we got – this grant validated our business model and allowed us and others to believe in the business model to move forward with the idea.” ~Kathleen

“I spent the #JustDrinks evening inspired and overwhelmed by all those who thought my idea was great and wanted to help and support me in any way possible.” ~Mahalia