JustChange Canada accelerates bold ideas for social, environmental and economic change through the creation of giving circles – groups of 10 to 15 individuals who pool their own funds in support of local initiatives.


City-based JustChange chapters award $1000 via a bi-monthly call for great ideas. Grant winners are celebrated during an event called #JustDrinks where they are given the opportunity to enlarge their networks of support and promote their bold idea.


Many ideas fail to attract initial funding because the innovators leading them often lack grant seeking experience and funders can be cautious and award only proven concepts. JustChange helps fill this void by giving these ideas a pat on the back and a chance.

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Pressing Pause

Pressing Pause JustChange accelerates bold ideas in Ottawa for social, environmental and economic change. We've been doing this for over 6 years by giving out nearly $40,000 in grants to dozens of grantees. We're so proud of the ideas we have funded and who we've...

January 2019 – Foodlocker

For so many of us, the beginning of a new year represents a fresh start; an opportunity to set new personal goals, to check out sweet events in the city, and to try different experiences. For certain Ottawa residents, however, facing this brand new year is daunting as...

November 2018 – People’s Vision for Herongate

JustChange is thrilled to announce the winner of its November 2018 grant: People’s Vision for Herongate Herongate is one of Ottawa's most diverse, yet lowest income neighbourhoods. Located in south Ottawa, between the Heron-Walkley junction to the east,...

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JustChange is seeking new members to join our giving circle. Are you interested in accelerating great ideas in your city through microgrants? 

JustChange Impact Report 2012-2014

After two years of funding bold ideas, JustChange asked an ambitious question, are we having an impact? The report is the result, covering:

  • Our mission, method, and core beliefs
  • Presents the impact we have made in our first two years of operation
  • Recognizes the partners that have contributed to our success
  • Showcases our grantees and their ideas’ progress
  • Demonstrate the ways in which we promote new models of giving and engage the community on this topic
  • Shares the lessons we have learned – both personal and professional, and
  • Communicates our path forward